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Screen Printing Course + Video Intructions

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Are you wanting to learn how to screen-print? You have come to the right place! This digital course allows you to learn from the comfort of your home AND on the go! This course includes text instructions as well as 15+ videos to give you an in person feel! There is also a special feature inside the course that allows you to communicate with me as well as other students who have purchased this course (safety first, ONLY verified students will have this feature and must be APPROVED by me). This course covers:


➺ Required materials (direct link) + cost

➺ Cutting machine settings

➺ Operating your design space

➺ Screen preparation

➺ Stencil and frame alignment 

➺ Taping instructions 

➺ Screen-printing pressure + amount of passes based on ink type

➺ Hand Positioning 

➺ 15+ videos

➺ Access to my screen-printing community 

& much more!